The Audience At Our Heart

So I have been slaving away recently on a massive piece as you may have seen on instagram.

The artwork is over 5m in size so you can imagine its been a slow process to create and it took nearly an hour to save each time!

The project is for a competition in conjunction with ‘BBC’ and ‘Arts Thread’ called “BBC Worldwide’s Creative Challenge”.

So here is the final image some close-ups!

Audience at the Heart outline small

Audience at the Heart zoom

Audience at the Heart zoom2

Audience at the Heart zoom3

Audience at the Heart zoom4

My main inspiration for this project was the slogan/statement “Audiences are at the heart of what we do”. I shortened this to The Audience at our Heart”. From this I wanted to create an image that as you view it, it is like you are looking out of a TV screen at the vast audience that view or listen to the BBC. That is when I came up with the idea of having the landscape look like a living room, with city and oil rig like chairs and a hillside sofa. Finished off with the slogan Hollywood style across the top.

Style wise I am hugely influenced by animation such as “Wallace and Gromit”, “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy”. But also by illustrators, “Rod Hunt”, “Gary Baseman” and “McBess”.

To create the piece I used a drawing tablet and Photoshop to produce the image completely digitally at 60% of the size of the wall space. First I planned and sketched the drawing out on one layer, followed by the people planned on a second layer, then I drew the outline in black and finished of by adding the colour.