LumberJackJoe | Somersault Festival | The Secret Emporium

Its been a month since the wonders that was Somersault Festival. I was invited along by the lovely people that are The Secret Emporium to sell my tees and illustrative wears.

So firstly here is my stand in the wonderful wooden framed tent that was the emporium.





If you missed the festival worry not! You can still get my tees and print on my new shop.

This was the first festival I have done and I can say I had an amazing time, so a big thanks to The Secret Emporium and Somersault Festival. Also a big thanks to the people that came to visit us and the other stall holders and anyone else who made our time there great. Heres a break down of the emporium and the exhibition we had on show.

Starting from the door and round clockwise, first up the beautiful jewellery of Lauren’s Silver Boutique and Jason Jones Jewellery.


Fancy a unique piece of clothing, then you need to hit up the next store. We are Hairy People make lovely hand painted clothes so no two piece will be the same and they are super girls with super helpers!

SAM_3024 copy

Next up our feathered friends of course Feathered Fantasy, The perfect festival head wear.


Beautiful Handmade Brass kaleidoscope were at 4 o’clock, made by Eyellusion and Wonderscopes.


Then there was me and the DJ and the SE desk followed by a bit of carved wood. We all know us LumberJack’s like wood! The craftsmanship of Willow & Warson was absolutely stunning!


Another Fallers fav, foraged wood and base metals. Diane Turner Jewellery makes them into pretty little things.


We get a little indigenous and tribal next with Tribu Spirit.


Pica Pica Feathers. Pom pom and feather embellished garments and headdresses need I say more?


Bo Boutique was next around the room, with very fascinating, culturally sourced jewellery.


A bit more illustration, enter the dreamscape of Hepzibah Mcleod.


To complete the circle we have the lovely ladies of The Little Deer and Gather Fox, with their jewellery, accessories and clothing.

SAM_3000 copy

In the middle we had the hand made belts of Golden Bear Belts, with the most amazing set up and hanging chair.


Sara C a clothing label inspired by a natural England.


Just as you walked in you’d be right with Shake the Dust, with all their ethically sourced homeware, accessories and jewellery.


Last but not least were the girls for our neighbourhood. The Faded Glory had all our vintage needs.


What a line up that was you can probably see why we had such a good time, The Secret Emporium was a ball!

I have one final shout out to an incredibly talented guy a musician called Jack Garratt. A big thanks for your support dude make sure you check out his EP.


That’s all folks!